Ki No Bi - 70cl

Price €59.00

KI NO BI is the first of its kind; a Japanese gin created, blended and bottled at a dedicated artisanal distillery in Kyoto using local ingredients, with a recipe inspired by the history and culture of the ancient city. Staying true to its name (‘The Beauty of the Seasons’), KI NO BI’s rice base spirit is blended together with regional botanicals such as...

Del Professore Gin Madame 42,9%

Price €49.90

Del Professore Madame is a unique gin for which only the Jerry Thomas Project has the secret recipe. It is composed entirely of berries picked in Italy. The 16 botanicals used are cold-infused in a juniper distillate with herbs and spices. It undergoes a final filtration that is gentle so as to maintain the maximum aromas. In order to create a unique...