Glen Grant 23 ans 1995 Artist Collective 2.0 48%

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Found in the town of Rothes in the heart of Speyside, the Glen Grant distillery was built in 1840 by brothers James and John Grant. The bell-shaped wash stills and more classic spirit stills are all equipped with purifiers that ensure the most delicate spirit possible. Beaming with vitality, this version constantly returns to the medicinal notes that help it keep intact a fresh and free register that renders this malt timeless. Just as eloquent, its fruity, floral, herbaceous and spicy registers are not to be outdone.

Profile: the lively initial nose is vanilla, herbaceous and camphoric. Allowed to breathe, it becomes milky, lemony and spicy (clove), with malted barley in the background. The resolute attack is malty, before becoming extremely fruity. The mid-palate is medicinal. The taut finish has a very delicate mouthfeel. It reveals notes of tobacco, citrus fruit and dried fruit.

Glen Grant 23
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